Michigan State University(MSU) Extension Educator-Fixed in Macomb, Michigan

div class="video"iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/HT6-ln6jWBk" style="max-width:560px; width:100%; height: 315px;" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen/iframe/divh3Working/Functional Title/h3 Consumer Hort Supervising Educator h3Position Summary/h3 As part of MSU Extension (MSUE) and the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute (AABI), this position provides local as well as statewide leadership, educational programming and applied research expertise in alignment with Consumer Horticulture. This position collaborates across work groups, Institutes and community groups and works with faculty, specialists and educators for advancement of the needs of the Institute clientele; designs, implements and evaluates programming based on basic and applied research and the needs of clientele groups; ensures dissemination of research-based information through various methods, including multi-media, personal education and written articles; and, serves as an informational resource for Extension personnel and clientele. In addition, this position may provide supervision for county Consumer Horticulture Program Instructors based in Macomb and/or neighboring counties. This position is based in Clinton Township (Macomb County), Michigan. Characteristic Duties/Responsibilities style="list-style-type: square" liAssist with new paraprofessional staff recruitment efforts./li liTrain, mentor and evaluate staff, ensuring the requirements and objectives of their programming, including the appropriate use of grant funds are met./li liAct as a resource to direct reports as they develop, conduct and assist with the development and evaluation of innovative programs that meet current and projected needs of the Master Gardener Program./li liEnsure, as much as possible, a fair and attainable workload of staff./li liConduct educational programming that meets the requirements of this position./li liDevelop, conduct and evaluate innovative educational programs that meet current and projected needs for home gardeners in collaboration with statewide Consumer Horticulture work team initiatives./li liWork with colleagues, on a regular basis, to review and make needed changes/updates to curriculum and program offerings to meet the needs of diverse participants across race, gender, socioeconomic class, disabilities and other differences or to address community specific needs./li liCommunicate and interact with community groups to evaluate the needs of clientele./li liServe as an information resource to direct reports, partners, clientele, and Extension staff./li liCollaborate with MSU Extension staff and specifically, serve as an engaged member of the Consumer Horticulture work team, to conduct and evaluate programming efforts./li liIn concert with the MSU Extension work team(s), work with federal, state and county agencies to complete needs assessment of the community and develop effective programming./li liCreate and promote positive public relations for MSU Extension and the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute./li liAuthor, produce and submit regular research-based educational articles./li liProvide information and guidance to staff regarding opportunities for learning through the use of mass media, group meetings, workshops and individual contacts./li liDevelop and utilize appropriate media methods to communicate current and timely information, research results, and relevant industry updates, as well as a schedule of current and future activities./li liActively participate in professional development opportunities./li liGather and report programming outputs and impacts, to demonstrate pr